Friday, April 2, 2010

spring break broke

Spring break began officially at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Since then it has been the best Rockford vacation possible. Jeff and I (and oliver- in fact he had most of our king size bed) slept in this morning. 8:30 rolls around and it is officially time to bask in the internet blogging glory- while in bed of course. 9:30 rolls around and it is time to begin seeds- of course. I jumped out of bed and before I even opened the drapes- I went straight to the kitchen to get my baby seeds started. I picked up some hollyhock seeds last night while at Lowes and I can't wait to get them in the ground. All of the neighbors have somehow managed to come up with beautiful gardens over night- and we here are a little bit lacking. Needless to say- I'm a little jealous. I dream of having a beautiful garden- something french like- something chic. Something full of flowering trees, lilacs, peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus. I am a little concerned that this will consume me for the rest of the week- it can't be the worst thing.

Jeff and I took the day and went to Madison today. The drive alone- and being away from Rockford- was worth it. State street was beautiful today, the wind and the rain blowing in, lovely. My whole goal for the day was to get a new spring scarf- one of which I found at the beloved GAP. It is so wonderful that I have been wearing it ever since we left the store- even now in a tank top and pjs... and scarf.

Tomorrow the bathroom project begins again. My hopes that are by purchasing some key items we will be a little more motivated to finish the project. I even have a toilet picked out- which is amazing considering I don't even like toilets. But this my friends- was so inspiring to me today:

I love the insert in the tub and the shower head- so clean and fresh. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow our bathroom will look like this... :) no?

Well brownies are in the oven and the windows are open and its raining. I must get back to relaxing. I will leave you with a picture of Jeff and the easter bunny at our kitchen table. Good night.

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  1. You write beautifully! I hope your bathroom looks like that in the near future too! And as soon as you finish your lovely garden you'll have to come over here and make me one...