Friday, April 9, 2010

we have a devious little one

The boys are outside working on the yard (Jeff and Oliver) so I thought I would take advantage of this time to have some tea, put a record on (John Lennon: Imagine), and write. There is some Easter candy nearby but I didn't think that needed to be disclosed. I fear that my time will be short today because the boys keep coming in looking for my attention.

This is Oliver as the Easter bunny... on Easter of course. He is on his way to grandma's house.

Spring break has been good. My to-do list is diminishing... slowly by surely. I may have been a little ambitious. But the bathroom has been given attention and things have been purchased (I found the tile for the shower today which really made me happy: tile), the 'staging room' has been cleaned out, I went though ALL of my clothes and donated everything that has not been worn in a year, Oliver has been neutered, kitchen chairs have been painted and reupholstered (as shown), and we met with people about getting new windows in the bathrooms and having the house painted (oh please, please happen!).

Today I looked at getting some Magnolias for the front yard. Oh so dreamy...
But instead I potted some seeds because it was much cheaper. Oliver was no help- I can assure you. In fact he ate half of my seeds out of jealousy (I wish I was kidding) . Obviously he is feeling better from his unmentionable surgery.

Jeff and I are going to have a date night tonight because it is my last night off until I go back to teaching. We are going to do romantic things like: see How To Train A Dragon (maybe even in those sexy 3d glasses), test drive some sitting tubs at Home Depot, and then possibly even snuggle with Oliver before bed. Ah. Romantic.

Friday, April 2, 2010

un problema

I love this bag- mostly because of Oliver- but I have no idea what 3,675 yen equals. I mean.. what if its like 3,000 dollars for a canvas bag? Jeff wouldn't have that- even IF it means I wear a poodle purse.

Anyway- it can be found at:


spring break broke

Spring break began officially at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Since then it has been the best Rockford vacation possible. Jeff and I (and oliver- in fact he had most of our king size bed) slept in this morning. 8:30 rolls around and it is officially time to bask in the internet blogging glory- while in bed of course. 9:30 rolls around and it is time to begin seeds- of course. I jumped out of bed and before I even opened the drapes- I went straight to the kitchen to get my baby seeds started. I picked up some hollyhock seeds last night while at Lowes and I can't wait to get them in the ground. All of the neighbors have somehow managed to come up with beautiful gardens over night- and we here are a little bit lacking. Needless to say- I'm a little jealous. I dream of having a beautiful garden- something french like- something chic. Something full of flowering trees, lilacs, peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus. I am a little concerned that this will consume me for the rest of the week- it can't be the worst thing.

Jeff and I took the day and went to Madison today. The drive alone- and being away from Rockford- was worth it. State street was beautiful today, the wind and the rain blowing in, lovely. My whole goal for the day was to get a new spring scarf- one of which I found at the beloved GAP. It is so wonderful that I have been wearing it ever since we left the store- even now in a tank top and pjs... and scarf.

Tomorrow the bathroom project begins again. My hopes that are by purchasing some key items we will be a little more motivated to finish the project. I even have a toilet picked out- which is amazing considering I don't even like toilets. But this my friends- was so inspiring to me today:

I love the insert in the tub and the shower head- so clean and fresh. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow our bathroom will look like this... :) no?

Well brownies are in the oven and the windows are open and its raining. I must get back to relaxing. I will leave you with a picture of Jeff and the easter bunny at our kitchen table. Good night.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh spring

I find myself a little guarded against this weather. I really don't trust it. I want nothing more to do with snow- so this little 45 degree and sunny day we have going on right now- I am not fooled! It has pushed me into spring cleaning and working out, which I appreciate deeply, so I'll take it.

Today I began working out again. I mean it this time. This is a serious workout plan and I intend to follow it- FOREVER. We will see though.

So Jeremy, Jeff's brother, recently said that having house plants are good for people who have had cancer. Seeing Jeff has had skin cancer I have begun planing an indoor cancer garden for his well being- and because I think it could be beautiful. My mom already donated lots of lost cause plants to our new garden. We have a tree, some ferns, a cactus... and a poinsettia. I was fully against the poinsettia- however, it was left with no where else to go! Thus- it sits in the corner of our formal living room, lonely. Anyway, I will have to post photos once this project is completed.

Jeff and I have also been planning our master bathroom remodel. Ugh. What a headache. It is very exciting though to think we will have a bathtub in our house- ah- our very own soaking tub. :) I think once we get past this silly deconstruction phase the rest will be much more inspiring. I bought a beautiful shower curtain from Anthropologie and it is serving as my inspiration for the whole remodel. I am dreaming of white glass subway tiles in the bathtub with a mint green on the walls, all white trim, a pedestal sink, and red accents (hopefully I can find a beautiful red light).
Well anyway. I need to do less talking and more working so we can have a bathroom soon!
I will leave you with a wedding picture from our wedding- I have been having planning withdrawals lately- seeing this time last year I had picked out a dress, location, and a groom :).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World Vision: Earthquake Relief

World Vision: Earthquake Relief

let's give this a whirl!

ooo! my first post- what a day!
I have been a closet blogger for quite some time. But now I think is the appropriate time to announce my deep connection to the blogging world.
Bloggers: I am here!
Now that that has been taken care of- on to more important things! Such as this beautiful room I just came across and must share.
I mean- who actually gets to live in places like these? I hope some day all of my projects will come together and I can actually enjoy our home. I enjoy working on the house but when I see rooms like this I loose all hope. Perhaps that's why I have such a blogg snooping problem.
Well for now- these whimsical homes will keep me going.