Friday, April 9, 2010

we have a devious little one

The boys are outside working on the yard (Jeff and Oliver) so I thought I would take advantage of this time to have some tea, put a record on (John Lennon: Imagine), and write. There is some Easter candy nearby but I didn't think that needed to be disclosed. I fear that my time will be short today because the boys keep coming in looking for my attention.

This is Oliver as the Easter bunny... on Easter of course. He is on his way to grandma's house.

Spring break has been good. My to-do list is diminishing... slowly by surely. I may have been a little ambitious. But the bathroom has been given attention and things have been purchased (I found the tile for the shower today which really made me happy: tile), the 'staging room' has been cleaned out, I went though ALL of my clothes and donated everything that has not been worn in a year, Oliver has been neutered, kitchen chairs have been painted and reupholstered (as shown), and we met with people about getting new windows in the bathrooms and having the house painted (oh please, please happen!).

Today I looked at getting some Magnolias for the front yard. Oh so dreamy...
But instead I potted some seeds because it was much cheaper. Oliver was no help- I can assure you. In fact he ate half of my seeds out of jealousy (I wish I was kidding) . Obviously he is feeling better from his unmentionable surgery.

Jeff and I are going to have a date night tonight because it is my last night off until I go back to teaching. We are going to do romantic things like: see How To Train A Dragon (maybe even in those sexy 3d glasses), test drive some sitting tubs at Home Depot, and then possibly even snuggle with Oliver before bed. Ah. Romantic.

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