Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh spring

I find myself a little guarded against this weather. I really don't trust it. I want nothing more to do with snow- so this little 45 degree and sunny day we have going on right now- I am not fooled! It has pushed me into spring cleaning and working out, which I appreciate deeply, so I'll take it.

Today I began working out again. I mean it this time. This is a serious workout plan and I intend to follow it- FOREVER. We will see though.

So Jeremy, Jeff's brother, recently said that having house plants are good for people who have had cancer. Seeing Jeff has had skin cancer I have begun planing an indoor cancer garden for his well being- and because I think it could be beautiful. My mom already donated lots of lost cause plants to our new garden. We have a tree, some ferns, a cactus... and a poinsettia. I was fully against the poinsettia- however, it was left with no where else to go! Thus- it sits in the corner of our formal living room, lonely. Anyway, I will have to post photos once this project is completed.

Jeff and I have also been planning our master bathroom remodel. Ugh. What a headache. It is very exciting though to think we will have a bathtub in our house- ah- our very own soaking tub. :) I think once we get past this silly deconstruction phase the rest will be much more inspiring. I bought a beautiful shower curtain from Anthropologie and it is serving as my inspiration for the whole remodel. I am dreaming of white glass subway tiles in the bathtub with a mint green on the walls, all white trim, a pedestal sink, and red accents (hopefully I can find a beautiful red light).
Well anyway. I need to do less talking and more working so we can have a bathroom soon!
I will leave you with a wedding picture from our wedding- I have been having planning withdrawals lately- seeing this time last year I had picked out a dress, location, and a groom :).

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