Sunday, March 13, 2011

baby come on

I have strayed from posting for almost a year now- I think that is a sufficient break. Let's just say I had a dry period...

It is almost spring time again. My favorite time of year. So much new life (and not just for me!). I hope for a beautiful garden to emerge- the one I spent all my energy on last summer. It is my art and I have been waiting to see it bloom. The peonies and hydrangeas :sigh:. Patience darling.

I watched happythankyoumoreplease the other night. beautiful movie. And a great reminder to be grateful but then ask for more- because we all deserve it! What a dreamy concept. One of the characters in the movie (Sam 2) is a photographer but claims that he isn't- in fact- he just likes to take pictures of what he thinks is beautiful so that he can remember it. And that is what I have found true lately. I have been using my camera more lately, and if only to capture what makes me feel at peace. What I find beautiful.

I have also really enjoyed getting dressed lately. It can be an art form for sure. If I weren't feeling so sick I would wear something similar to this today...

{ knight cat }

I have a couple of very exciting weeks ahead of me. Haircut by ben eash (he makes me feel gorgeous- if I could justify a haircut every week- I would). Lots of running. And then a most relaxing trip to portland (any places you would suggest?). I will probably return with feathers in my hair and a tambourine but I am fully willing to except that. Probably even embrace it. Life is moving pretty quick, and I don't mind it. 9 weeks and school is over.
Where to.
I have some tricks up my sleeve...

If you are looking for a spring album- listen to y la bamba: Lupon. Its delish.