Sunday, April 17, 2011

I have been so quickly set free

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Portland trip: success
So turns out- Portland is more like Dreamland. I had a phenomenal trip. Just a little overview of the 5 short days I spent in what will soon be my home (shh. that's supposed to be a secret. but it's floating around in social circles everywhere). I did return with feather earrings and about two steps from a tambourine (it was in my hand and I changed my mind). It rained everyday I was there and for now I am perfectly fine with that. People adjust and plan around it... 'oh its raining again? Bike over (in your most beautiful rain gear- of course) and I will make you tea and we can watch a movie in bed' or.... 'It's Saturday morning and it's raining but the farmers market is still happening so bundle up! Let's get coffee and breakfast at the market and listen to live music'. Dreamy. Right?

Day one: fly (surprisingly emotional and accompanied by the most amazing playlist (thanks matty). walk across town to see the most beautiful girl at her coffee shop (Kristin). thai food. nap. rainy dinner sitting in the window on e. burnside (I think...) in swings and candles. pepper rabbit (beautiful live music).

Day two: walk to breakfast. go west for shopping. antique necklace. red lipstick. spring dress. tea. nap. drinks with eric. wine in bed with kristin.

Day three: oregon country drive. lots of pictures. beach (misty and cold and lovely). picnic. candy shop. coffee. drive home. lookout. nap. pambiche. burlesque (adorned with red lipstick)

Day four: headphones on and walk. coffee and breakfast alone at powells. shop. shop. coffee with kristin. people watch. nap. dove vive pizza and wine. wine and movie in bed with kristin. laughing till we fell asleep.

Day five: farmers market (oh my goodness goodness). ace hotel. lunch and drinks. drinks and movie (blue valentine- pretty appropriate). vintage store shopping. nap. house warming party. fly.

Give me a few months and I will return.

Since I have been home I have been really inspired. I love crafting plans for my free time and getting dressed has been a slight obsession. Example of Friday night planned activities: Outfit (this is really important to the planning)- Way over sized chunky sweater + leggings + big socks + crazy hair + rain boots + pearl earrings. love it. Plan- favorite red wine + brownies + phase 10 + thai food + newest playlist/ mixed in some vinyl + thunderstorms + sun room. I could not have been more pleased.

Last Sunday I went to the city to see a favorite girl of mine- Christina- well... and Carrie. She wined and dined me all day long. We sat outside in the 80 degree weather in a sundress and sunglasses and drank a bottle of red and a bottle of champagne. We ate cheese and honey and crackers. I mean... she has to be crushing on me at least a little to be given that treatment. :) It was so peaceful and I am so grateful for my girlfriends. I never thought I would say that... I'm not much of a girlfriend kind of person. But they have been so important and such a joy as of late. And I think I am just the luckiest.

Please do see blue valentine if you have the chance. And please do listen to Islands by young the giant. And if you complete those two tasks... then listen to truth by alexander and dance sexy with red lipstick on- you'll love it.

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