Monday, April 25, 2011

Call me a thief

Cheers to an amazing weekend. I had really been looking forward to this four day weekend since... well... spring break. :) Which was two weeks ago? Teaching certainly does have its perks.

Viernes: Lunch with a great lost friend (Tess). It's crazy to see people after it's been years. Hopes to further lunches. I bought bikey (see below). Its a motobecane nomade. I am learning how to be a biker- I hope for a country ride sometime this week (with camera strapped on my back). Friday night rock climbing outside of Chicago. Super fun. Super sore.

Sabado: mucho mucho cocinando. All day in the kitchen. Beet salads, mimosas, perogies, and mimosas. All in preparation for Easter.

Domingo: Lots of goodbyes... it was a little emotional. But also very exciting. Portland is 7 weeks out. And lots to do by then. We ate. We flew kites (its tradition). And played frisbee (perhaps my favorite part... grass stained knees and hands- disregarding the fact I was in my Easter dress and heels). I shared a moment of grieving with my grandma in the kitchen. The reality of my situation is sometimes difficult and it was really comforting/ necessary for my grandma to hold me for a good ten minute hug. I think we both needed it equally. Things will be difficult before they get better- which is a surprisingly comforting truth. More hugging. Some napping. Perogie dinner. mwah.

A few things that I am really in love with right now:
Going sans makeup
However when appropriate (which I can justify whenever), Amplified Dubonnet MAC lipstick (it's crazy crazy red and looks great with dark hair)
Being effortlessly feminine
Milosh: Creepy
Cutoffs (I will make them sexy- promise)
Dancing to radiohead (this is a very recent love of mine)
My ray-bans- I love them more every time I wear them
Freshly painted red nails
I'm just really in love with red right now (never thought that would happen- it's my least favorite color)
Salsa dancing
Singing in the shower/ bath

Portland application gets finished this afternoon. Cheers to that. And cheers to my first run (planned for tonight) in two weeks- its going to feel great. And a final cheers to said bike ride (can't wait). Enjoy your week lovies.

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